Olsson Ruby Nozzle

So a while back I purchased the Olsson Ruby nozzle. I print a few exotic materials like MatterHackers ABS Greenglow, Proto-Pasta’s #Highfive Blue, and I just purchased Ziro’s Marble. Since I was planning on printing more and more exotic filaments (e.g. Carbon Fiber). I decided it was time to upgrade my nozzle. It was pretty easy actually.

Most of the instructions came from the Olsson Ruby website support instructions.

  • First thing I did is print a torque wrench for installing the new nozzle. This is a very cool model and it turned out great.
  • Then I followed the Prusa i3 MK2 steps for replacing the nozzle (here).
    • However, I would suggest doing steps 1-5 first, then heat up the extruder before removing the nozzle.
  • Using the new torque wrench I was able to quickly install the new ruby nozzle.
  • Lastly, I ran a test print and adjusted the live z settings.

So far so good. I’ll keep you updated.

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