Welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy what you find here. This is a new venture, so there will be lots of content to be added in the near future. This site will showcase my personal projects in electronics, software engineering, 3d printing, and drones.


Hi, I’m Jeff Garrison a native Pacific Northwest resident currently living in ”Keeping it Weird” Portland, Oregon.

I’ve always had a passion for computers. When I was in the 2nd grade my father purchased the “Trash 80” (i.e. TRS-80 or Tandy Radio Shack 80 personal computer). I remember getting magazines with pages and pages of code. I would spend hours typing in that code into the computer and was AMAZED with the results. I was HOOKED!

For the past 19 years I’ve worked in software engineering. I continue to learn and evolve my craft. Taking online training classes from Pluralsight to building a home security system using a RPi. I enjoy programming at home and work.

I’m hoping I can use this site to share my personal projects in 3d printing, software development, electronics, and drones! I’m very passionate about all of these things. I try to find a balance by playing tennis, jogging, camping, and doing home improvement projects.

I’m a father of four and between them, projects, and work I don’t sleep much ;).


Puppy Gate

So I have a 13 month old English Mastiff (@hafthor_mastiff) and when I’m not home he gets a bit of separation anxiety and has to destroy something! So I’ve blocked him off in a certain area where he supposedly can’t do too much harm. However, he finds a way to get past my defenses 🙂 …