Puppy Gate

So I have a 13 month old English Mastiff (@hafthor_mastiff) and when I’m not home he gets a bit of separation anxiety and has to destroy something! So I’ve blocked him off in a certain area where he supposedly can’t do too much harm. However, he finds a way to get past my defenses 🙂

I purchased a couple of baby gates. One is a bit shorter than the other, so I’ve had to add extra protection for that, however, I just got a newer taller gate to replace it with. That said he still can put his front paws on the gate and then using leverage jump over… so I thought maybe I’d put little 3D printed “spikes” on top of the gate to deter him from jumping over the gates.

We were recently playing catch and he broke the gate, so I’m also planning on making a re-enforcing part for that section of the gate.

Starting my project. First off I want to work on re-enforcing the gate, since he broke that section where it latches and he would only have to nudge the door to open it now. I took a photo <soon to go here> and I’m going to bring that into Fusion 360, so I have a shape to work with. I then measure with my digital calipers the width and height of the section, which I can then use in fusion to size things up appropriately.