Here’s my story…

I’m a Pacific Northwest native. I grew up in the greater Portland metro area and currently reside in Vernonia, Oregon.

I’ve always had a passion for computers. When I was in the 2nd grade my father purchased the “Trash 80” (i.e. TRS-80 or Tandy Radio Shack 80 personal computer). I remember getting magazines with pages and pages of code. I would spend hours typing in that code into the computer and was AMAZED with the results. I was HOOKED!

For the past 19 years I’ve worked in software engineering. I continue to learn and evolve my craft. Taking online training classes from Pluralsight to building a home security system using a RPi. I enjoy programming at home and work.

I try to find a balance by playing tennis and doing home improvement projects around the house.

I’m a father of four and between them, projects, and work they keep me busy.

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